A series of posters for an Israeli theater.

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Childern's Art and Culture magazine

Catalog design for an exhibition named

״New Light: Or Chadash"

Negev Design Contest


Series of posters for an Fring Theater "Camouflage"


Catalog and re-branding (more in branding)

Quarrix Roofing Company redesign elements
(more in branding)

Poetry Book: design, photography and text by me

Award winning Holocaust memorial Design


Series of Hebrew-English Dictionaries

Israeli playing cards

L O G O S  +  B R A N D I N G


B R A N D I N G  +  R E B R A N D I N G

Old Logo (not my design)

New Logo

Old Design (not designed by me)

New Design

Old Logo (not my design:)

Old Design (not designed by me)

Old Design (not designed by me)

New Design

New Design

New Logo

Rebranding of Grin Creative, a social advertising company

Rebranding of Tel Aviv Amusment Park


I L L U S T R A T I O N S  + P H O T O G R A P H Y 


A R T 


What Does Longing Look Like? Digital Print



Right before coming to Minneapolis, my sweet five year old niece asked me: “What does longing look like?”, my first instinct was to say “a mess”, but after thinking about it, I had told her that each person sees and feels longing differently, and for me, it feels like a balloon full of air inside my tummy. Moving to a new country has been a stressful and wonderful experience all at once. Longing is always present, shadowing me. I have built an amazing life here, found friends and family. But still, something is 



In my artwork, which includes four posters, I have decided to confront these feelings by trying to 

visualize them. During the last year, I have been taking screen shots of my Skype conversations with my family and friends. These are very low-resolution pictures that are meant to be seen on screen only. 


Since I think and feel in colors, I gave each one of my family members/friends a colored circle that represents him/her, and placed it on our conversation screenshot. 


By removing these pictures and leaving only the colored circles, I have created graphics of  conversations with my family. Then, by subtracting the circles from my own Skype images, I’ve created 

the holes in my world.

5 KG,

instellation + movie,



How do 5kg look like? In my head they look like forever, in real life they get a different prespective. 

Two Suns,




“When she left her house for the first time, the cold air stood still between her throat and her eyes. Her wet hair froze into brown disloyal ice sticks, threatening to cut her white skin. 


The sun smiled at her with a crafty smile, reminding her of those mornings on the beach 

in Tel Aviv. The warm sand used to sneak in between her toes, then washed away with 

the clear warm waves. It amused her to think it’s the same sun. One was so warm and motherly, the other so blue and deceiving. 


She lived her life in two parallel worlds and each one of them had its own sun. One was  red, furious; the other was pale and radiant, chasing each other in circles.


She loved the night. There was only one moon for her. At night she felt both worlds unite, both suns calmed down, allowing her to sleep. She is dreaming of a different sun. One sun. And 


when she wakes up realizes it is still dark outside she goes back to sleep, feeling the warm sand between her toes.”


Digital Print